Life brings its own challenges, but you

are fed up of not having a chance to

decide what to do with your life.

You want something else:

being in charge, taking your own decisions,

creating your real life instead of dealing

with what the day by day brings to you.

You want a change,


Who I Am

Born and raised in Spain. Lived in many places, knew many people.

Studied to be an Engineer, but I chose to work with people instead of working with machines.

After working on myself and improving my life in order to reach my dreams decided to work on others. That's when, after years of reading many self-development books, I became a Certified Coach. 

Life is a continuous evolution, so I'm half the person that I'll be tomorrow. And it will happen the same the next day. Love learning a lot, and I never stop doing it.  

I'm an introvert, creative, peaceful and nice person. You probably won't find me in a crowded space. But you'll find me by your side, whenever you need me. That's for sure. 

What I do

After what I've lived and what I've learnt, I decided to work with women. And even more, I decided to work with women who were living lives that didn't feel like theirs anymore. This is the kind of life that you choose when you follow everybody instructions (but yours). This is the life that makes you feel trapped in a mechanical way of living: always the same, short weekends, long work weeks, holidays far away... 

I've always good at listening. And now, I'm even better as being a journey partner. Together, we travel from point A (where you are) to point B (where you have decided to arrive). We design the path, we choose the luggage and the transportation and you always lead the way. There's no a perfect way of doing it, just yours. You can change the destiny if during the journey you decide that you don't want to get there anymore. It's ok. You are building your life. You choose. You win.

There's one thing for sure, here there isn't shame, guilt, anger or regret. You are allowed to make mistakes. You are not judged. You are just there to find your own and authentic life. What others may think is just their problem. What you think is what will light your way.


Esther Bailey-Bass CPCC Founder and CEO of EBB 'n Flow Lifestyle │Leadership Coaching

Rosa is a champion for women who are ready to live and lead a life of fulfillment and abundance. She is enthusiastic about helping others to realize their dreams and has a straight-forward approach to her work. I have found that working with Rosa over the past 18 months that her insight has been invaluable. She holds me accountable to my vision, probes the crevasses of my mind with thought-provoking questions to excavate what I'm hesitant to acknowledge. Rosa then uses her skill of resourcefulness for goal-setting and accountability. In essence, she removes ALL roadblocks to move me toward my desired outcomes. Rosa is savvy, smart, insightful and resourceful with a witty sense of humor.

Nicoline Huizinga CEO Personaleyes

Rosa is an amazing coach who encourages you to think differently, to dream big and to be courageous in achieving scary goals. She’s creative and acts out of the box, as if there’s no box at all. If you want encouragement, accountability and life changing ideas & insights, plan your sessions with Rosa.

Maria Rojas Co-Founder and CEO at Cygnus X-1

I was truly lost. I tried everything, I tried to learn everything I could about all different type of subjects and it always felt I was in a rat race I wasn't able to compete anymore. With Rosa, I found my core, who I was and who I wanted to work with. She gave me back what I want the most: Time.
The tasks, methods and materials gave me great insight and perspective, once I was able to be honest with myself and completed them.
I was able to use my time more productively with a clear goal. She helped me to stay focused and always improving for the best.
She made it different. She made me feel comfortable with the entire process.

Need something different?

Just tell me. Seriously.