Be authentic! -they say. Really?

People say a lot of things. Most of them, without thinking, and even more, without knowing what they talk about and the consequences that they could have.

Advice is great… if it’s well given. It’s like giving you a super-powered weapon to fight your issues. The problem? How they give it to you. Imagine that you are given a super-powered weapon, without an user manual or even some advice about how to use it. Would it help you? Or would it even harm you more?

This is what happens with the “Be Authentic” advice. Yes, it’s great. Yes, it’s what should be. Yes, it’s what all of us should follow, but… what is the price we pay for following it blindly? At least, exclosure, isolation and being laughed at.

Imagine that you are given a canoe. Because you are going to a huge river, full of water, and you love sailing. It’s great, isn’t it? Imagine that you have to cross a dessert in order to get there… it seems to be “less” great, isn’t it? That’s what happens with the “Be Authentic” advice. It’s great, and you love it, but maybe it’s not the moment or you need some previous preparation in order to enjoy it fully.

If you are in business, like me, this is one of the main rules, too: be authentic, and you’ll connect more with your followers and customers, they will trust you more and follow you because they will see the real you. Yes. But in both cases (life and business) don’t forget to read the instructions “attached to the bottle”:

  1. You have to be strong enough (not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally) to stand before other people’s attacks and “non-constructive” critics.
  2. You have to be consistent and believe in you and what you are doing, in order to keep on follownig your journey “no matter what”.
  3. You have to be aware of your talents and your weaknesses. Your talents will lead you to success (whatever it might mean to you), and your weaknesses will be the first thing people will use against you. Be the one knowing which one they are and be the one to laugh at them (lovingly, of course), so when people try to do it you don’t feel anything but pity for them.
  4. Never do something “weird” just to be different. Just be yourself. That way, people won’t feel like you are acting, and you won’t have to think of even weirder things to do in order to keep your role.

Maybe you have read until this point and think that I’m preaching about being inauthentic. Nope. Not at all. I’m just saying that, in order to get out of the “be-the-one-people-expect-you-to-be” game and begin to live your authentic life, you need to be ready, you need to be aware of what it takes, and it’s a neverending journey. But believe me, the most satisfying of all.

So, if you need to begin this awesome journey and feel that some tools and help would be required (and not yet in your “toolbox”), take a look at the “B.U. Offbeats Club”, where you will meet people like you (or completely different), you’ll learn to design and build your authentic life (no matter what or who) and you will feel supported in your journey, wherever it may lead you to.