She is a professional/business owner who wants to succeed, like you do. She is hard-working, committed and trustable. She is pursuing her goals, but is willing to help you with yours and celebrate your successes. She loves learning, and sharing her knowledge with her biz bff's.

Meet periodically your biz bff's. You set your goals, and talk about how you are doing it, what you find hard and if there are obstacles. Ask for help and suggestions. Make your own suggestions to others.


Your biz bff's are not here to judge, but to help you grow. They will give you advice, help you to challenge yourself and not allow you to surrender or fall.


Meeting time has one space for every one: to talk about how you are doing and what you need, what your challenges are and what you are going to do. Your biz bff's will make you suggestions and share their best tools and resources so you can learn a lot of new points of view and ways of doing things.



Continuity / Periodical Work

Weekly / BiWeekly / Monthly meetings. Maybe you need frequent following. Maybe not so much. You choose.

Focused and Productive Time

One goal: destroying what is blocking you and finding your new options to go on in your path. No distractions.

Resources and Improvement

You and your biz bff's will share your knowledge, your tools, what makes you succeed. And all the wisdom that each one has.


Because several minds have more ideas (and more diverse). Take advantage of collective thinking.

Accountability & Support

No judgement, just positive and caring advice, support and accountability. They are expecting you to succeed, just encouraging you to challenge yourself.

Professional Development

You set your goals, your plan and your timing. Take advantage of a working group that will help you to become better and better. And reach whatever level you dream of.


Join your biz bff's to share your work session. An expert Coach will guide you through the meeting and keep the planning and intervention order. A turn for every bff, to talk about what you are doing, what you celebrate and what you need. Brainstorming. Suggestions, advice, and new tools for you. Setting new goals for next meeting. Celebrate all your successes!


Choose your option according to your commitment, availability and work planning.


Monthly meeting

Meetings Workbook & Diary (digital)

Accomplishments Diary (digital)

Email support


Bi-Weekly Meeting

Meetings Workbook & Diary (digital)

Accomplishments Diary (digital)

Email Support

Monthly Improvement Activity


Weekly Meeting

Meetings Workbook & Diary (digital)

Accomplishments Diary (digital)

Email Support

Monthly Improvement Activity

Monthly Free Ebook

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