changelife building

Dear kids…

No, I don’t have kids (yet), but when I have them, this one might be one of my speechs to them. I know, maybe they will listen or maybe not, but you don’t always do things for people to obey. You just do them. And let people decide.

“Hi, it’s me, mom. Yes, I’m here again. No, I don’t mind that you see me and hear me every day, all day. I’m your mom. That’s what I do.

No, I’ won’t tell you who you have to be, what you have to believe in and who you have to become. That’s up to you. I will tell you who I am, what I  believe in and what I want to become. You are welcome if you want to join. I’ll still love you if you don’t.

You know that life is hard, and even though many people think that it’s about work, the hardest part is about decisions. Choosing is harder than carrying a lot of bricks, yes. And taking action. Yeah, that’s a good one. Taking action is always hard, because we never think that’s a good time for doing it. But it is. Trust me.

I’m not perfect, I’m just me. I’ve taken right and wrong decisions. I’ve been lost, I’ve been lazy. I haven’t eaten healthy. I have spent too much. Yes, that’s what people do. But there’s one thing for sure: I’ve always been a good person. And I’m still one of them. Because I care too much about people and people feelings, and I think that I came into this world to make people suffer less and live a happier life, and a plentiful one.

I have the best job in the world. You know it, sometimes you can see a little bit of it in our daily life. I help people to design and build their greatest life. I help them to discover who they are. I help them to be consistent and have a plan. I help them to find a tribe to support them. And I let them fly into their new life. And see how they enjoy it. And that’s the best feeling in the world: seeing people be themselves and enjoy the life that they choose, without guilt, shame or fear. Yeah, you know, that’s what I always tell you: live your life without guilt, shame or fear. You live only once, don’t let others tell you what kind of person you have to become, or what kind of job you have to do. Just choose. And live. And remember, that I’ll be there if you need me, but my job is not telling you what to do, just allowing you to learn everything you need to become that person that you are, deep inside, and will be an important ingredient to make this world a better place.”

Maybe you didn’t hear this kind of words from your loved ones. Maybe you still don’t, but you can face the world in a different way, now you are a grownup. Sometimes change or solutions are hard to find, because we have no experience or we feel unsupported by those around us, and that is hard, really hard. And many times it makes you wonder if it’s worth the final prize. Yes, it’s always worth the final prize. Even though you can’t see it right now.

Are you at this point? If so, please, connect with me and let’s talk. We’ll find options and you’ll soon begin your new journey to a new life, the real one this time.