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Excuse me! Your feelings are not my responsibility…

I know, I know. You’ve heard it many times. And if you are half the “good-girl” I am, it might even have made you feel guilty.

It has many shapes. For some people, it’s just “look at what you made me do”. Others just tell you: “you make me feel…”, or something like that. And believe me, that just sounds good in the lyrics of a song. But not for me, not for this life.

Because, even if you have never thought about it before, this is the real truth: you are not responsible for anybody else’s feelings. Just yours. You can just modify your own feelings. But not other people’s. Not. At all.

Yeah, I know. When you are fighting with someone or feel upset, that phrase usually comes to our lips. It’s easy. And it has two main advantages: making the other people feel guilty and getting rid of your responsibilities. All at once. In just a moment. And you are the winner. Really?

When you train yourself, work on yourself and search for something else, you learn not to do it. You learn to feel responsible (not guilty) of everything you think, feel, say and do. You OWN what you think, without feeling scared or guilty, or maybe ashamed for what someone else can think. You OWN what you say, without fearing what others may think it’s inapropriate or weird. You OWN what you feel, because your feelings come from what’s inside of you, and talk to you about your inner being and how it feels. You OWN what you do, because you think about the consequences before acting, and you are not afraid to face the results of your own actions.

Making other people feel guilty or ashamed doesn’t give you power; OWNING YOUR RESPONSIBILITY DOES.

If you are aware of your real self (thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, etc.), no one can make you feel bad about it. Because they are yours. And you feel proud of them. And you ask for respect, because you deserve respect. And you ask for tolerance and freedom. Because you deserve tolerance and freedom. Not everybody will love you. But who cares, you don’t like all of them, either…

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