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I'm Rosa M. Gil and I'm the soul behind Life Building Coaching. I help others believe that they have options (and make them come true), that there's nothing too far from where they are so they can't reach it. Are you looking for a new life? I can do that. Do you want to know yourself more and have a clearer idea of what you really want for yourself? Yes, I've got your back.  


  You are... A woman. A fighter. A dreamer. Maybe you have a business, or maybe you dream about having one, someday. Maybe you don't even dream about that, because you want to be a professional woman. No business, at all. Maybe you have a clear idea of who you are or what you want, or maybe not. But you always commit to what you believe in. And you believe in yourself. At least, most of the days. Don't worry, let the rest to me. You want change. You want accountability. You want support. Maybe you even want to find your tribe. And to stop feeling guilty or ashamed because of not spending too much time with those around you who don't believe in your dreams and plans. Yep. Because they don't do. But you still love them. And yourself. And sometimes, both things don't seem to be compatible.  


My stuff... I work one-on-one, and also train people online, through seminars and trainings. I write books (have you read Find your Voice, Find Your Life yet?, if not, get it here). And you can read about what I write hereAre you social? If so, you'll find me as @LifeBuildingC in Twitter.  Or as Life Building Coaching in Facebook. I created a little group of women to share some interesting thoughts and facts from time to time. If you are a Lifebuilder, too, you can join us here. Instagram is an interesting place to meet, too. if you like it, too, you can find me as Life Building Coaching. So little time, so many options... lol.  But if you want to connect me more privately, you can use my contact form or email me to  

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