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The price you are paying… for living other people’s labels

Sometimes it starts as an innocent comment: “you are a good girl”. And then ‘boom!’: your destiny is defined by those words.

Life is a beautiful experience (or it should be). It should be a collection of awesome moments, shared with awesome people, feeling yourself, and feeling other poeple appreciating your presence and company.

But sometimes, that doesn’t happen. And it’s not your fault. You try to do what you are supposed to (being your label)… but you realize, that even that little thing doesn’t guarantee your success. And I don’t talk (only) about money or career success. I’m talking about enjoying life surrounded by happy people who love and support you.

And it’s not because you haven’t tried. And it’s not that you haven’t tried hard enough. Because you have. But it seems to be a never ending story. Nothing is enough, and you aren’t either. Or it seems so…

And that’s the problem: how hard you try. Because it should be easy and smooth. It should be you enjoying yourself and being proud of who you are and what you do. And it should not be you feeling ashamed of what you are and feeling fear about every little thing you do. Because someone can be upset because of it. And good girls don’t do that.

There comes a time in your life when you realize that life is not about being a good girl: it’s about being a clever one. And the main secret to be a clever girl is just being yourself. And understanding that, if people don’t like you as you are, maybe it’s because you are surrounded by the wrong people. Why do we always think first that the problem is in us?

If people don’t respect and enjoy the real you, maybe you have to find another place, another people, another “tribe” or community. Because you were born there, but you don’t belong there. You belong to that little special place where people care for you, support and respect you. Maybe you are not lucky enough to have found that when you were born. Then, you are the luckiest person: you have to find “your people”, and when they meet you, all of you are going to celebrate it. Yes, people who care for you and respect you, celebrate just the way you are, and the magic moment of finally connecting.

So, please, don’t surrender. And don’t settle. You have your place, your people, and the real you. Don’t spend your life living other people’s labels about how you have to be like. Life is too beautiful (and too short) to spend it just being someone else. And feeling bad inside for not doing it well enough, and not being yourself.


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