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The power of a parenthesis

Life is not as they tell you in the success stories. They hide the most important part: the bad moments/days/weeks/months/years… Because, let’s face it: we all had/are having/will have one (or some) of them. Not many people want to tell those stories. Some people do it when they are long gone. Some people will never tell them. For me, it’s not a proof of being a failure, just a sign that you are human.

Making a parenthesis in your life, career, or dreams is not about being lazy or losing focus: it’s about regaining clarity and refreshing your mind/body. Because sometimes you need a little time, a moment, to breathe, to recover, to “regain” yourself. Not to give up the race, not to give in, but to recover your strength, redefine your strategy and go back to the road with a more focused and stronger you.

Believe me: everyone has good and bad moments. Everyone needs some time, sometimes. And that’s not bad. Because, if it’s what you need, that’s the best thing you can do in that moment. It’s not about not hustling enough: it’s about listening to yourself and your needs. Your goal will be waiting there, but you need to be healthy (and alive) to reach the end of your path. Remember: you only compete against yourself. The competition will still be there when you go back.

Taking your body/mind to the limit of exhaustion doesn’t have sense: maybe you’ll reach success, but maybe your body/mind won’t be healthy when the time of enjoying your success comes. And think about it for a moment: what sense does it all have if you can’t enjoy what cost you so much time and effort?

So, think again. When you feel lost or disoriented, tired or in need of something, just stop. You don’t need a long white space. You just need your time to go back “being yourself” again.



Do you need some help to clear your mind/regain focus? Just contact me and we’ll find out what you need to improve your journey to success.