Be authentic! -they say. Really?

People say a lot of things. Most of them, without thinking, and even more, without knowing what they talk about and the consequences that they could have. Advice is great… if it’s well given. It’s like giving you a super-powered weapon to fight your issues. The problem? How they give it to you. Imagine that […]

Please, leave your crystal ball aside!

Hi! Are you one of those people who always know what is going to happen to people around you? Who always know perfectly that people are going to fail, fall or suffer a lot from the biggest pain in life? Let me ask you: have you ever won the lottery or something like that? No? […]

Dear kids…

No, I don’t have kids (yet), but when I have them, this one might be one of my speechs to them. I know, maybe they will listen or maybe not, but you don’t always do things for people to obey. You just do them. And let people decide. “Hi, it’s me, mom. Yes, I’m here […]

Excuse me! Your feelings are not my responsibility…

I know, I know. You’ve heard it many times. And if you are half the “good-girl” I am, it might even have made you feel guilty. It has many shapes. For some people, it’s just “look at what you made me do”. Others just tell you: “you make me feel…”, or something like that. And […]

In the name of love…

I’ve learnt a lot about love lately… and no, it hasn’t been because of my relationship with my boyfriend, but because of the one that I have with myself. Have you ever thought about the things you do “in the name of love”? I don’t do them, because for me, love is about care, respect […]

The power of a parenthesis

Life is not as they tell you in the success stories. They hide the most important part: the bad moments/days/weeks/months/years… Because, let’s face it: we all had/are having/will have one (or some) of them. Not many people want to tell those stories. Some people do it when they are long gone. Some people will never […]