The price you are paying… for living other people’s labels

Sometimes it starts as an innocent comment: “you are a good girl”. And then ‘boom!’: your destiny is defined by those words. Life is a beautiful experience (or it should be). It should be a collection of awesome moments, shared with awesome people, feeling yourself, and feeling other poeple appreciating your presence and company. But sometimes, […]

Don’t Your New Year Resolutions come true? This is why…

Even though we’re still in November, you’ll see it on the magazines in a few days. No, I’m not talking about Christmas (in fact, a lot of Christmas feeling is around there now, in supermarkets and big shops mainly). I’m talking about New Year Resolutions. Maybe you don’t even think about that, not even do it (then, […]

How to Live Your Life On Your Own Terms

I think that I’ve got it. I live on my own terms. No, I’m not rich (yet), and yes, there are things in my life that I would like to change. But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about being you. I’m talking about taking your own decisions. I’m talking about not taking decisions […]


If living your life and trying to reach a goal is hard for you… maybe it’s not about what you are doing bad, maybe it’s because of all the burden that you are keeping in your mind. Have you thought about that? People don’t usually think about how much they are paying for keeping “on […]

The first step to a real change: Responsibility

The first step for the new you is being aware that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE. You take the decisions. You choose. No, don’t say that you don’t. Don’t say that it’s what life brings. That you have no choice. That you can’t do anything about it. That you are too young, too old, too poor…. that […]

You are not your labels

Yep. I believe in it deeply. And we have got so used to it, that we don’t even think about it. We are not bad people but sometimes do bad things. We are not lazy, but sometimes we let things for another moment. We are not silly, we sometimes don’t understand things at the first time. […]