What kind of life do you live?

You can choose to live your own life (designed and created consciously) or live someone else’s. Maybe we blame others because we don’t like the life we have, but the decision is just ours. So, take a look at this types and see if you are ok with what you chose: a. “Squat house” life. […]

Why I don’t need to “disconnect” from my life…

Quick answer: because I built a life that I don’t need to get away from. Long answer: Being a Life Coach should make me be aware of staying away from girls’ magazines and webs that work like those ones. But sometimes, something slips through my bs filter and calls my attention. That happened today. I […]

Why I’m not a guru… (… neither I will be one)

There are many people online who claim to change your life. They show you their big houses, sports cars, famous friends, and connections… But not all of us are so famous, rich and known. We don’t have great shows where we help a lot of people. Some of us work one-on-one. “In the shadows”, we […]

Whose is my life?

The daily routine sometimes leads us to a point where we forget where we are going, and the most important thing: why. And that’s the point where we are at risk of losing our course and get lost. Yes, I know. Your to-do list is longer than your arm. The day has not enough hours […]

I hate my life! What do I do?

Stop! Hating your life is not a reason to throw it all away… or is it? Before anything else, please, stop and breath. And now, let’s get to it. Even though sometimes leaving it all behind sounds tempting, there are more useful ways to begin a new life if your old one doesn’t feel like yours […]

Who I am and what I’m doing here…

When we are born, or maybe a little bit later, we find ourselves in a box. Someone has designed and built it for us. No one asked us about it, or if they did it, they had given us the answers previously. Depending on your character (if you are more or less curious), someone will […]